Surprising Foods That Boost Metabolism

Have you ever met a person who seems to eat whatever they want without gaining a pound? You may wondered to yourself, “how do they do it?”

In most cases it’s just genetics. Some people are born with a higher metabolism. However, there are other factors that influence metabolism. These include sex, age, and eating habits. While you can’t control some of these factors, there are things you can do to help you body burn fat. The most essential place to start is your diet. A balanced and healthy diet is the best way to get started. We’ve compiled a list of healthy foods that will also boost your metabolism.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Pears & Apples – Apples and pears can work wonders when it comes to increasing your metabolism. These fruits are rich in soluble fiber, which reduces cholesterol and body fat. Also, eating pears and apples can help make you feel fuller for longer. Research has shown that eating 3 apples or pears daily can aid in weight loss and help improve overall health. An apple a day really does help keep the doctor away.

Grapefruit – There are foods which work overtime to speed up your metabolism. This is one reason to add grapefruit to your diet. Grapefruits are packed with fiber. This extra fiber is difficult for the body to break down, in order to do so it must burn extra fat and calories. Grapefruit also reduces your insulin levels, which prompt your body to store fat.

Tomatoes – You may be surprised to learn that tomatoes are wonderful addition to almost any diet. This delicious produce is very healthful for the body. This is due to the fact that tomatoes are low in calories, but rich in fiber and vitamin C.

Avocados – These are actually a fruit that’s laden with nutrients. These days most grocery stores have avocados in stock, however that stock can vary depending on the growing season.

Avocados are a great source of carnitine, which regulates your body’s metabolism. You may have heard avocados are fatty, but they contain monounsaturated “good” fats which help keep your cholesterol low. Eating avocados can lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss, with results showing in as little as one week.

Avocados can also aid in the overall reduction of belly fat. This is because it reduces the levels of fat-cell producing hormones, that trigger your body into storing fat. Avocados are also a rich source of potassium, a vital nutrient that helps your body regulate it’s metabolism.

Green Tea – Drinking green tea speeds up the body’s thermogenic process, which in turn helps you burn more calories for needed energy. This makes green tea a great addition to your morning breakfast or afternoon lunch.

Olive Oil – You may wonder how an oil can be helpful when it comes to burning more body fat. First, olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and is an natural anti-inflammatory. It’s also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which help boost your metabolism.

Olive oil is most effective when combined with a low calorie diet. When using olive oil as a dressing, remember that a little goes a long way. Just a few drops of olive oil on your salad is more than enough. As you can see there are variety of great foods that can help you regulate your metabolism. The smartest diet is to always combine good eating habits, with plenty of exercise.

Always consult your doctor, nurse, or dietician before starting any new diet. He or she will be best equipped to provide you with the information you need to stay healthy.